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Mar 30, 2017 |
Thank You,  |
Kellie Moeller, CNM

Thank you for a truly wonderful birth experience!

Date Article Posted: March 2017

Dear Kellie,

When I first contacted you last year around this time, I wasn't exactly sure what to expect or wether the home birth I was hoping for could actually happen. I was merely expecting someone with experience to support the process. I could not have anticipated the life altering journey towards self-trust and empowerment that this past year feels like has been about, nor the degree of support and presence I would receive in the form of warmth, empathy, council, and encouragement, as well as, of course, knowledge and expertise. I appreciated the holistic approach you have: how you not only attended to the physical aspects of my pregnancy but how you also considered, and always had an ear and wise word for, all the other things going on in my life at that time. Whatever the challenge, from tricky relationships to breastfeeding, you were there to get me through.

And today, several weeks after our last visit, holding my healthy, slightly hefty :) entirely breast-fed baby girl, I feel a combination of awe, pride, and success in what I achieved with your support. Through this experience I also see myself as more capable in general going forward with both my babies.

Thank you for a truly wonderful birth experience!

In Gratitude,

Blog Posted: Mar 30, 2017
Posted by: Kellie Moeller, CNM
President HomeBirth Experience, Inc.